Bangladesh Short Film Forum (BSFF) was formed in August 1986 and since inception it remains the only organization of country’s aspirant independent filmmakers. Independent filmmakers under the umbrella of  BSFF led a trend of making low-cost short fictions and documentaries on relevant socio-political issues. Most of these films were made with personally raised fund outside commercial film production and distribution circuit and were shown all over Bangladesh by mobile projection units.

The initiatives undertaken by BSFF since it’s inception are as follows:

International Short & Independent Film Festival

The International Short & Independent Film Festival Dhaka began in 1988 with the objective of opening the door to the world of short fiction, documentaries and experimental films for local audience. It was the first such festival of short films in South Asia, seconded only the Bombay festival of short films in India. The festival aims at creating a platform for solidarity and better understanding among the independent short and documentary filmmakers from Asia and other part of the globe irrespective of nationality, creed, color and gender. The festival is a biennial, non-competitive event and funded entirely by non-government private sector sponsors. Since 1988, 15 successful editions have been held so far, each showing in an average of 300+ short fictions, documentaries, animations and experimental films from about 60+ countries which includes: US, Russia,  UK, France, China, Canada, Egypt, Poland Lithuania, Japan, South Africa, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Iran, South Korea, Palestine, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan,  Srilanka, Iraq, Australia and India.

Training for Independent Filmmakers

Training is a regular activity of Bangladesh Short Film Forum (BSFF), which was started in late nineties of last century. Every year the scope is announced widely and number  of youngsters apply for the training. Students are selected from the applicants by a panel of renowned cinema personalities. This film-making workshop has already attained great acceptance among the young cine buffs and has been successful in creating significant impact in Bangladeshi cine-culture. Renowned film personalities, award winning filmmakers and critics, film theoreticians participate in the course as resource person. Afterwards, two groups under two different coordinators complete independent workshop productions in film format. The workshop productions from all the earlier courses have received appreciations from various audience and cine buffs.

Bangladesh Film Center

The organization has established Bangladesh Film Center- A center for regular screening of films made by independent filmmakers. The Film Center has an auditorium with 60 seat capacity and state of the art film projection facilities both in 16mm and digital format. The center has been organizing regular film-making workshops and seminars since its inception in 2006.

Support for Film Production

BSFF has an endeavor to provide financial and technical support to young and aspirant independent film and video makers.

Nationwide Distribution Network

The objective of this initiative is aimed at building up a countrywide exhibition, projection and distribution network for screening of films and documentaries of independent filmmakers with the help of a mobile projection unit.

Workshops, Seminars & Campaign programs for promoting better cine-culture

BSFF regularly organizes workshops, seminars, symposiums, policy dialogues on various issues for promoting better cine-culture in the country and to influence the policy making process of the government in the medium of cinema. The organization is an active campaigner and regular participant in all government initiatives regarding National Film Policy, Film Festivals, government incentives to creative film-making and issues related with film Censorship.